What does “overlay” mean?

Overlay means that the part does not replace an existing part, it is installed over the existing part. Mostly used to change the appearance of an existing part.


What does “Snap-On” door handle mean?

Our patented Snap-On door handles look and feel better than our competitors. The Snap-on contours around the inner curvature of the door handle creating a seamless addition to your vehicle. Other door handle covers stop at the top of the door handle leaving the original color visible along with a sharp edge that can cut your hand. When you install a Snap-on door handle you can feel the difference with the “SNAP”


What is the difference between replacement mirror and overlay mirror?

An overlay mirror is installed over your existing mirror cap. With a replacement mirror cover the existing cover must be removed before the replacement mirror cover can be installed in its place.


What is the difference between a top mirror cover and a full mirror cover?

A top mirror cover will only cover the upper half of a mirror. A full mirror cover will cover the whole mirror.


What does door handle “bundle” mean?

Bundled door handles come with extra pieces to accommodate models with a smart key or without a smart key. This takes the guess work out of ordering a part for you. No more questioning, “Does my vehicle have a smart key?”, “Is it only on the driver’s side?”, “Do the rear doors have smart keys?” If you’re in doubt, Contact us at with a picture of your vehicle and someone from our team will be happy to assist.


What is the promoter that I got with my order used for?

The promoter supplied with your part allows the double-sided tape to form a strong bond with your vehicle. This is to be applied on the vehicle where the part will be installed after cleaning and removing dirt and before applying your part.


What are the best practices for installing an overlay part?

Please download our overlay instruction PDF here.


What are the best practices for installing a replacement mirror cover?

Please download our replacement mirror cover instruction PDF here.


What is a smart key?

A smart key is a button many vehicles have that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle with the push of a button. This is different from a keyless sensor (See Below).


What is a keyless sensor?

A keyless sensor is a sensor on a vehicle that senses the key FOB (the remote that unlocks/locks your doors) in range and unlocks and locks the door. This does not have an actual push button and is usually represented on the door handle by a pattern or a few lines.


Does Trim Illusion warranty their products?

Yes! Trim Illusion offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty which applies to defects in workmanship or material, unless otherwise specified. Warranty is valid only when the product is properly installed, subjected to normal use and service, not modified or changed in any way, damage is not due to negligence by the user, and if the product is not used for racing or competition purposes. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not cover damages to failed adhesives or installation. If included in the product, adhesive tape is both removable and replaceable by professional installers and is not a cause to warrant coverage. Warranty is not transferable. Trim Illusion does not warrant for damage or defects resulting from collision, or road hazards and improper installations.


What payment methods are accepted by Trim Illusion?

All major Credit Cards and Paypal.


Is there any surcharge for using my Credit Card to make purchases?



How to return a part to get a refund?

Prior to sending your return, send an email to to request a Return Authorization: include your order number, items you need to return and the reason for the return in the message. Items can be returned for a refund, or an exchange for same or equivalent items (with the price difference added/refunded). If you have the wrong part or bad fitment, please attach proof with photos.

It is the responsibility of the customer to return items back.

Return requests due to shipping errors, product defects, or damage in delivery must be reported to Trim Illusion, Inc. within 7 business days from the delivery date.


Do you ship internationally?

No. At this time we only ship within the US.


Do you ship to PO boxes?



How soon will my goods arrive after placing an order?

Most orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Depending upon your location please allow 4-7 business days for delivery.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes! Please select your preferred delivery method upon check out.


I have a problem with my delivery. What should I do?

If a tracking number has been provided, you can track the package to see where it is at any time. If your package has not moved, please contact UPS, FedEx or USPS with your tracking information.


I am a reseller. How do I become a wholesale buyer?

Please contact to request a wholesale account.


How do I reset the password of my online account?

If you forgot your password and can’t sign in, go to the forgot password page, type in your email and follow the instructions provided to validate your identity and create a new password.

If you are already signed in and want to change your password, go to the customer account page and click on the reset password link. Then follow the password reset instructions provided.


How do I update the email on my online account?

To update the email address on your account, please send the update request using the contact form on this page. Please be sure to include the new email you wish to use along with the old one. We normally update profile emails within 3 business days from the request, upon completing user verification.


How can I look at my account purchase history?

Signed in customers can check on the status of their orders as well as see past orders in the order history portal. The customer portal provides live updates with tracking numbers on shipped items and scheduled dates for items that are still waiting to ship.


Can I have a catalog?

Absolutely! You can either download our regularly updated product inventory report or see our entire product matrix.


How do I receive a price list?

Please email or fill out the form on the right to receive your pricing.


How do I request an RMA?

Please contact your sales rep or to request an RMA.


Do you do Dropshipping?

Yes, we’d be happy to drop ship products to your customer(s). We charge a $5 dropship processing fee per drop ship order.


Do you extend terms?

We do! Please contact your sales rep to request terms.


How can I stay informed about special offers and new products?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter!


Do you offer free shipping?

For wholesale, orders $2,500+ to a single location will qualify for free ground shipping in the continental US (3-6 business days) with a handling time of one (1) business day.


What is the cut-off time for orders to ship same day?

2PM EST for most orders. More handling time may be needed for larger orders.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your current vendor business, or delve into the dealership/vendor business, Trim Illusion has decades of experience to help you along the way.

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